Drama Fever Closes Down

Drama Fever Closes Website

Sad news. Drama Fever has closed it's website immediately. All that is is left is a message saying "Thank You For Nine Years". (note they have now added to this message with more details for their active subscribers.) Also, just to clarify, our website is open and trading - we are staying right here!

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Drama Fever Closes Down

Their most famous series was probably Goblin, but there were many others as well. We were just on episode 6 of Longing Heart which was getting interesting - but now we will have to wait.

It seems people are most unhappy at the lack of notice. At least from the comments on our Facebook Page

As it stands, Drama Fever are probably going to refund subscriptions, but that is still to be confirmed.

The more important thing is that people want to be able to watch their current series to finale. It doesn't feel good to find out that suddenly you can't watch any more. That all the characters you were starting to like have suddenly just disappeared.

Also, the announcement was made by news media from The Hollywood Reporter to Forbes Magazine. It just shows how much of an impact Korean drama has made in the English speaking world. Let's hope it continues to make such an impact.

There's not a lot we can do here. Maybe some fans will put pressure on Warner Bros (the owners of Drama Fever) to give subscribers the chance to finish what they started.

In the meantime, we want to offer all our fans a 20% discount on our I Love Korean Drama all our t-shirts and hoodies valid until Sunday October 21, 2018.

It's not much to compensate for the loss of a major streaming service, but hopefully it might cheer up some fans who might feel lost. It also gives people a chance to show their love of Korean dramas.

Also, we can remind fans that Netflix and Viki both have good to excellent collections of Korean drama now. Maybe some of Drama Fever's collections will start appearing on one of these platforms.

Anyway, if you would like to take advantage of our offer, please use the discount code DRAMAFEVER20 at checkout. Or click this link to go to our My Life Is A Korean Drama t-shirt direct.

And as always let us know what you think about this development.

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