Drama Fever Refund Calculation

Drama Fever Refund Received

We just received our email today from PayPal informing us that Drama Fever had refunded part of our subscription.

Drama Fever Refund Calculation

For anyone that is interested, we paid $17.99 for a yearly subscription on October 5 and the amount refunded to us was $17.45 on October 20. The full amount was received in our account without deduction.

From what we can tell, they are doing refunds based on the number of days left and using October 16 as the cut off date.

In our case we used 11 days of a 365 day subscription. This meant we had um (365-11) or 354 days left. So (354/365 ) x $17.99 = $17.45.

To calculate the amount the formula appears to be:

number of days left in subscription x (annual subscription / 365)

or probably:

number of days left in subscription x daily rate of $0.049287 if the annual subscription was $17.99

Assuming our figures are correct, that is a daily rate is just under 0.05 cents a day. Drama Fever was really good value. It's such a pity it had to close.

Of course the figures might be different depending on the annual subscription amount and their individual policies. And it's probably different for monthly subscribers as well.

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