8 Medical Based Korean Dramas

Eight Must See Medical Korean Dramas

Eight Must See Medical Korean Dramas

8 Medical Based Korean Dramas

Following on from our post about the different types of Korean dramas, We asked our KDrama Gear Facebook Group to help us come up with their favorite medical based Korean dramas. Based on their votes and some original research, the top eight must see medical based Korean dramas in our list are:

1. Faith / Great Doctor

Starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun, Faith tells the story of a female plastic surgeon who is kidnapped 700 years back to the Goryeo period. Forced to stay in that era she uses her skills as physician to the royal family. At the same time, she faces constant threat and relies on the head of the palace guard (Lee Min Ho) for protection.

2. Good Doctor

Joo Won plays an autistic savant with a medical degree and qualifications in pediatric surgery. After saving a young boy's life in an accident at a train station, he finds work as a surgical resident at a major university hospital in Korea. Despite his genius level skills, he faces great difficulty at work because of his autism and has to show by example why he is qualified to work in his field. The show has since been adapted in a number of countries including the United States.

3. Doctor Stranger

Lee Jong Suk takes on the title role in this medical drama. As a child Park Yoon played by Lee is kidnapped along with his surgeon father to North Korea. Park Yoon also becomes a doctor in the North and eventually escapes to South Korea where he finds work at a university hospital. He quickly develops a reputation as a top heart surgeon, but still faces threats from rogue North Korean agents who want to use him for their own ends in South Korea.

4. Blood

Ahn Jae-hyun plays Jason Park - a top surgical specialist and medical researcher who is also a vampire. Despite being cold on the outside, he yearns for human contact and battles to overcome his thirst for blood in his quest to save human lives.

5. Doctor John

This time based on anesthetists, the drama has a recurring debate about euthanasia. Indeed there are many Korean dramas do not shy away from tackling difficult topics. In this drama, Ji Sung plays Cha Yo Han a doctor of anesthesiology, who had previously spent three years in jail for performing euthanasia on a terminally ill patient. He is the stereotypical arrogant genius and can allegedly find out what is wrong with someone within ten seconds. Together with his team, he works hard to find ways to cures for patients with chronic pain.

6. Romantic Doctor Kim

Contrary to what people might think, this is not a drama about Doctor Kim going on lots of candle lit dates with female acquaintances. Rather, the romantic suggests " a person characterized by, or suggestive of an idealized view of reality." Han Suk Kyu plays the lead role of Doctor Kim who is a "triple threat" that can practice general, heart and brain surgery. After a medical malpractice incident, he transfers to a small hospital and finds himself mentoring a group of young but still brilliant surgeons.

7. Hospital Ship

Hospital Ship tells the story of a group of doctors who travel around the islands of South Korea to provide medical services to rural villages. Each doctor has their own unique background and distinct personalities. This causes friction among the main three doctors and they must overcome their differences in order to function as a team.

8. A Beautiful Mind

Supposedly based on Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, it follows the exploits of a mystery neurosurgeon at a hospital in Korea. Lacking any kind of empathy, he is involved in a number of unexplained patients deaths. It stars Jang Hyuk in the main role.

Do you have a favorite that is not on this list? Why not join our Facebook group and let us know your favorite Korean drama.

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Hospital Ship also had a female doctor, who was a great surgeon but was initially unliked by the rest of staff b/c they saw her as cold n clinical. The story was also about how she overcame all that. She was the star of the drama n her character was romantically linked to 2 of the male doctors mentioned above. 😃


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