Korean Drama Themed Christmas Gift Ideas 5 Great Gift Ideas

Five Christmas Gift Ideas For Korean Drama Fans

Five Christmas Gift Ideas For Korean Drama Fans

Are you looking for inspiration to find the perfect gift for someone who loves Korean drama? Or just looking to tick items off your Christmas gift list?

Don't forget to check our recommended cut-off time for last orders.

You are not alone and we have five great gift ideas to choose from.

1. A Korean Drama Finger Heart

This is an obvious choice and we recommend our latest finger heart especially made by our in-house designer. We have updated the colors for the 2020 season as well.


The full range of finger heart designs are here.

2. Christmas Ugly Sweaters and Baseball Tees

We have a exclusive range of KDrama themed Christmas ugly sweaters and baseball tees. Great for KDrama fans to wear during over the holiday season.

Check our range here.

3. KDrama Themed Pendants

Korean drama fans are super passionate, so some jewelry to wear can make an ideal gift. Maybe our KDrama Queen pendant.

Check our range of KDrama themed jewelry here.

4. Coffee Mugs For KDrama Lovers

Check our range of Korean drama themed coffee mugs. They are great to use at home or take to the office to help KDrama fans evangelize about their favorite dramas.

Check our range of Korean drama themed coffee mugs here.

5. Next Episode and Can't Stop Talking Designs

Do you know a KDrama fan who just can't stop watching Korean drama? Then either of these designs are perfect.

If you are still not sure, then just browse our Unnie's Favorites Collection (Unnie means big sister in Korean) and there should be something that is sure to please.

But hurry because cut-off dates are fast approaching and now is the perfect time to put tick off items on your Christmas gift list.

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