Drama Fever Alternatives

Four Drama Fever Alternatives

With the sudden and unexpected closure of Drama Fever, former subscribers are starting to look for alternatives to get their Korean drama fix.

Drama Fever Alternatives

Four services competing for business are the Japanese owned Viki, the Korean owned Kocowa, Hulu and of course Netflix.

According to Variety, Clara Kim, head of brand and communications for Rakuten Viki said:

“As a company that values and understands the passionate K-drama community worldwide, we are saddened by the sudden news of DramaFever shutting down,” 

and “K-drama holds a special place in all of our hearts and we stand committed behind our Soompi and Viki services to continue providing the best of Korean dramas, variety shows and other international entertainment to global fans.”

Variety goes onto to cite one of the possible reasons for the demise of Drama Fever was simply the higher licensing fees for Korean dramas in general.

As we have mentioned before, it's not just the fact that people have paid for their subscriptions, the worst part of the closure is that it is so sudden. Viewers were left stranded mid series and could not watch their current selection to its finale.

Lets hope these four services and others are able to pick up the slack, and offer more Korean drama for international viewers. It would be a shame if the closure of Drama Fever means less drama over the long term.

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