Korean Drama Two Minute Wrap November 9

K-Drama Two Minute Wrap For Week Ending Nov 9

Welcome to this week's K-drama news for the week ending November 9, 2018. It's a quick two minute summary of what has been happening this week in the world of K-drama.

Korean Drama Two Minute Wrap November 9

First off, if you're still deciding on which drama to watch next, SBS Australia has come out with its list of 8 dramas for 2018 that they recommend. It includes some obvious ones such as 100 Days My Prince and Thirty But Seventeen. However there are some other interesting surprises and you can check them out here.

Next, anyone who is a serious fan of K-drama would have probably heard of Korean manhwa. It's similar to Japanese manga.

A number of Korean production companies have drawn on webtoons in both these styles to come up with their own real life versions. These include Flower Boys Next Door and Boys Over Flowers. (note: we get another excuse to say how much Kim Seul-gie as Kim Seul-gi stole the show in Flower Boys Next Door as well.)

Soompi has put out their own list of ten K-dramas that have been adapted from webtoons. You can find their list here.

Thirdly, Seo-In-gook has just returned from his army placement and Drama Beans has made him the first actor to feature in their new spotlight series, so he's obviously someone's favorite. We first saw him in Love Rain and he has become a staple of K-drama now including appearances in Reply 1997, Shopping King Louis and One Hundred Million Stars From The Sky.

Anyway to find out more about more about Seo In-gook, just click here.

Next, the producers of the upcoming drama Encounter have put out some spectacular photos and short video showing the stunning cinematography that is expected for the drama. It starts on November 28 on tvN and Couch Kimchi has the photos and video here.

Finally, Viki has been advertising on Facebook and an advert for "Witch's Love" appeared in our news feed. The main female character is called Kan Cho Hong and she is described as "... a nosy person among witches and soup deliverywomen." It looks like another one for us to add to our watch list. The promo can be viewed here.

That's it for this week's two minute wrap. We should have another one this time next week. In the meantime, don't forget about our Instagram competition which runs until Sunday, November 11 Evening EST. Our post features the picture atthe start of this post. You can enter the competition by tagging a friend and making sure that both of you follow our Instagram account. The details and rules can be found here.

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