9 Things We Like About Korean Drama

Nine Things We Love About Korean Drama

This post we thought we would put together nine things we love about Korean drama.

9 Things We Like About Korean Drama

It's the prelude for another blog post we are thinking about, where we want to explain why we love Korean drama. So this post is as much to give us inspiration as it is to inform our readers. Hopefully, our larger post will be available at a later date, in the meantime, here is our list:

1. The Boy Versus Girl Theme. Virtually every onscreen romance in Korean drama starts out with the main co-stars outwardly disapproving of each other. It takes time for them to discover that they have strong feelings for each other. But, eventually, the boy versus girl theme evolves into a boy loves girl theme.

2. The Love Triangles. Or quadrangles. More often than not, the main male protagonist finds himself with a rival for the woman he is starting to fall for. Sometimes there are complications with multiple triangles involving two or more potential couple sets.

3. They Are Often A Cinderella Story. The main female character usually comes from a humble background, but she is still rich in virtue and good intention. It is these virtues that causes the male protagonist / hero to fall in love with her.

4. The Main Characters Have To Struggle Hard. The main characters have very clear goals which they must overcome. However, it is often the people that are closest to them that turn out to be the biggest obstacles to their success. It is the resolutions of these conflicts that make the dramas so intense.

5. The Backgrounds. Especially when the dramas are set in the Joseon period or involve time travel between the Joseon period and the present time.

6. The Landmarks. Whether it is the Seoul Tower or Jeju Island or a host of other famous places, the landmarks become a central part of many good Korean dramas.

7. Each Series Is Usually Only 16-20 Episodes. Once the series is done it's done. Everything is usually resolved and the characters don't hang around for a second series.

8. "Hwaiting". The way the good characters use this term to encourage each other to overcome their struggles and reach their goals.

9. The Original Soundtracks. The Korean wave is not just about the drama but also the music. So naturally, the original sound tracks help add to the atmosphere.

That's our list. There is probably a lot more. Let us know in the comments if we have missed any obvious points.

And remember, if it's not in Korean, it's probably not a real drama.

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