About Us

Thank you for visiting our website today.

We are passionate Korean dramas. That is why we set up KDrama Gear in 2018.

There is nothing complicated about our site. Indeed, the purpose of our site is to simply help KDrama fans express their love for KDrama to the world. So whether you are looking for a Korean finger heart T-shirt or an Aigoo hoodie, we have something just for you.

Of course we are not just about the merchandise, we are also building a community of fans who are passionate about Korean drama. In fact interacting with other KDrama fans is very rewarding so please visit our Facebook page and consider joining our Facebook group.

For our Facebook page, we try to post at least one interesting article a day about Korean drama or the Hallyu wave in general. We always try to keep it positive and share everything we love about KDrama. It's a great way to stay up to date with what is going on.

Our Facebook group is for the most dedicated and passionate Korean drama fans. They take the time to post their own content including what they are watching or other news they find interesting. It's a great way to meet and interact with other fans who just love Korean drama. If that is you, we would love to see you there - no purchase is required.

Anyway, let us know what you think and if you love what we have, don't forget to tell your friends and colleagues. Especially any that love KDrama or would benefit from finding out more about Korean drama in general.