Eight Common Korean Verbs Present Tense Informal Polite Versus Formal Polite

Eight Common Korean Verbs Present Tense Informal Polite Versus Formal Polite

If you're confused about Korean honorifics, then hopefully this information post might help you today. It's specifically demonstrates eight common Korean verbs in the present tense using the informal polite versus the formal polite honorific system.

It's not designed to teach ALL the details, rather to help you identify eight common verbs to listen out for when you are watching Korean dramas. These will be in the informal polite and formal polite spoken forms. Also known as the informal high and formal high forms as well.

The informal polite is a spoken form honorific system that is generally used when talking with work colleagues, friends and people in general.

This is different to the formal polite which is generally used by company representatives talking with customers, newsreaders during news broadcasts and when addressing older relatives of senior managers of large companies.

The verbs we will be covering today are in the table below and we have included flashcards so you can practice these verbs as well.

There are multiple options to choose from. We recommend starting with the flash card option. 

Informal Polite Verb Endings


Formal Polite Verb Endings


Note: The Romanized sounds are just approximates and the sounds from Quizlet are for reference. It's always best to check your pronunciation with a professional Korean teacher.

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