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This is a shout out to all the KDrama fans out there.
Particularly anyone who wants to learn Korean so they better understand their favorite actors, communicate with local Korean businesses and one day have the confidence to speak Korean when they visit South Korea.

How KDrama Fans Can Achieve Basic Understanding Of Korean Within 14 Weeks.

Learning Korean Is Not That Difficult If You Know How To Avoid The Distractions And Focus On The Most Important Things First.

The secret to learning Korean is all about cutting through the confusion and focusing just on what matters.

This means mastering your pronunciation, vocabulary and basic grammar before moving onto conversation. It's making sure you have the basics and can recite short Korean sentences in bite sized pieces first.

That way you build a solid foundation to expand your knowledge and proficiency.

With The Right Instructors Any Fan Of Korean Drama Can Quickly:

  • Understand that Hangul can be learnt in an hour but spending more time learning at the start means less struggle to remember vocabulary later down the line 
  • Master the basics of Korean grammar in no time 
  • Stay ahead of the game by focusing on this one honorific system first 
  • Use their love of Korean drama to help them fast track their learning by listening out for words and phrases they learnt in class during their favorite dramas 
  • Discover our technique for learning particles that makes mastering them a breeze
  • Struggle less as beginners by making sure their instructors don't throw them in the deep end with excessively long and complicated sentences

Many Korean Instructors Just Overcomplicate Things

Indeed the biggest single struggle seems to be overcomplication.

Personally, there is nothing more frustrating than a teacher throwing a thirty word sentence at students and expecting them to understand everything.

Particularly if the sentence has numerous unknown words and multiple grammar points all at the same time. It’s enough to fry the brain and cause short circuits in the thinking process.

The much better strategy is to cut things up into bite sized pieces and the first bite sized pieces should be vocabulary.

That way students can achieve two things.

Firstly, they will reinforce the Hangul they learnt at the start by practicing words and short phrases; and secondly they will start to build confidence as they increase their vocabulary bank.

Then as they progress, they can start to learn small sentences in bite sized pieces, so they keep working on their pronunciation.

This is a much more logical process than simply starting a course that focuses on how to order a pizza at a local restaurant or what to say when you visit the doctor.

After learning basic nouns and simple verbs, students can add in particles and expand their sentences with adjectives and adverbs.

Unfortunately, many Korean teachers overcomplicate things by focusing on their favorite long sentences first.

It doesn’t mean these teachers have bad intentions. Indeed many well-intentioned Korean teachers are eager to help students learn and they want to teach them as much as possible.

However, they forget that their students are complete beginners and need time to master the basics.

These basics are pronunciation, vocabulary, simple grammar and short sentences.

Once students know the basics, then they can move onto the longer sentences.

In other words, it’s important to learn to crawl and walk, before starting to run.

We Understand Your Struggle To Learn Korean

At KDrama Gear, we recognized these problems early on. Indeed, as we built a community of fans, many showed interest in learning Korean, but they told us they were put off by all the complications of learning Korean:

  • The difficulties in pronouncing Korean words because some consonants and vowels were so similar to each other
  • Doubts over what Korean honorific system to learn first
  • Confusion about Hangul which was a completely new style of alphabet
  • All the grammar issues including the way sentences are constructed and the extensive use of particles that made sentences longer in Korean that their equivalents in English

We Listened To Our Customers And Helped Them Overcome These Obstacles By:

  • Spending extra time on teaching Hangul so students can properly focus on improving their pronunciation
  • Building vocabulary first so that students don't get confused when it comes to learning grammar
  • Making sure that sentences are always presented in bite sized pieces at first, so that students can substitute in different words and add in more words so they can build confidence and proficiency in their learning
  • Moving onto conversation practice only after students have that grammar and vocabulary proficiency, so they don't feel stranded or overwhelmed

Features And Benefits Of Our Courses

We teach over six hundred common vocabulary terms including words and phrases often heard in Korean dramas

This way it's easier for students to understand what is being said in their favorite dramas and help them build knowledge through the repetition they hear in Korean dramas

We keep sentences short

This way students can build their vocabulary and their confidence in pronunciation

We focus on what we call the KDrama Standard honorific form. 

That way students can don't get distracted while they learn the basics. This is especially useful for KDrama fans who want to focus on spoken Korean.  Ignoring the written honorific systems will save students weeks of frustration.

We focus on basic grammar including verb tense and most common particles

This means students can slowly build sentences and better understand the meaning and placement of particles in sentences

Our vocabulary lessons include links to online flash cards

Students can practice these flash cards themselves and quickly build their knowledge between classes

Unlike other learning centers, we don't emphasize conversation at the start

This means students don't feel pressured when they learn and they can slowly build their confidence without the "eyes of the whole class" on them while they stumble over sentences they don't properly understand.

What Our Students Have Been Saying

If you have been watching Kdramas and listening to KPop and wondering what the characters are saying, even without subtitles, or what it would take for you to speak the language, you have to check into KDG KDrama Nation's Hangul Courses!

I have "attended" a number of online, Instagram, and YouTube lessons, but I've found the instructor for the KDG courses to be singularly organized, patient, and helpful.

The presentations for each class are well-thought-out, eye-catching, and easy to understand.

The small classes on Zoom, make each session a very productive and effective learning opportunity.

From pronunciation, recognizing characters, understanding phrases, words, sentence structure, and intonation, you will hear it all, do it all, and speak it.

There are just a few of you in each class so you actually bond with them during the class, so no apologies are needed for your lack of skills, mispronunciations, or requests to have something repeated.

We are all lacking in one area or another, so we build each other up by helping each other. I can't recommend these classes enough.

I plan on attending each new class that is offered.

I hope you will join in the fun and register for a class sometime soon!

You won't be sorry!

How KDrama Fans Can Start Their Korean Language Odyssey.

The best way to start your Korean language odyssey is to have a good plan. We have all the steps in our outline below, so you can see your map for the future. If you're an absolute beginner, the best first step is learning Hangul. If you know Hangul, then we recommend starting with vocabulary. Either way, your map can include:

  • 8 hours of Hangul lessons over two weeks, so students can spend more time mastering the basics before taking their next big steps. Apart from the principles of Hangul, we also teach students how to pronounce short sentences and introduce three of the most common particles.
  • 24 hours of vocabulary lessons to help students build their vocabulary to over 600 common words including those found in Korean dramas. We also make sure students stay on track with their pronunciation and we also teach very simple grammar including verb tenses, so that students can take the first steps to building basic Korean sentences with the vocabulary that they are learning.
  • 8 hours reviewing grammar that was learnt and also learning new grammar that can help students when they start their conversation lessons in the next modules. 
  • 16 hours of simple Korean conversation. This builds on the pronunciation, vocabulary and basic grammar that students have previously learnt, so they feel much more confident when it finally comes to learning and practicing conversation.
  • Plus our added bonuses  where at each stage along the way, we'll include discount vouchers for our KDrama themed apparel as a reward for students completing each section of the course. 

Of course, this is not set in stone. Indeed we can help you develop your own map based on your level and what you want to achieve.

Our 30 Day Guarantee.

If you're not happy with your course within the first month, we'll refund in full the value of any unused lessons. Further, we offer the option to start with one lesson, four lessons or a complete twelve lesson package.

Just Select Your Location And Currency

Currently, we have classes and coaching available for both the United States and Australian time zones with options available in both currencies too.

Choose From Three Popular Options

You can choose a free trial class, which is a single lesson, a Hangul 4 lesson pack, which is part 1 of our 2 part Hangul courses, or our enhanced Vocabulary 12 lesson pack.

Single Lesson Pack

Perfect if you just want to give it a go to see if learning Korean is right for you.

Vocabulary 12 Lesson Pack

If you've already learnt the basics and you're ready to take it to the next level.

Hangul 4 Lesson Pack

We have Hangul 101 for absolute beginners or 102 for intermediates.

Just choose your location and currency and then you can select how and when you want to start your Korean language odyssey today.

All classes are via Zoom, and most just require a pen, notepad, Zoom and an Internet connection. We do hope to see you soon in one of our great classes.

Disclaimer: Results can vary according to circumstances. This includes individual ability and the amount of time dedicated to class time and private study. By basic understanding we mean the ability to speak and understand simple sentences with a vocabulary of up to 1,000 words. Customers who are not happy with their course within the first 30 days, can receive a refund for the value of any unused lessons subject to our terms and conditions. We will always do what we can to help students reach their goals but no warranty for understanding or fluency after 14 weeks is guaranteed.