How To Remember Final Consonants In Korean

How To Remember Final Consonants In Korean - The Secret Is In The Consonant Names.

One of the biggest problems for KDrama fans who want to learn Korean is how to pronounce Korean consonants - especially the endings.

Quite often teachers will show students how to pronounce the consonant in the first position, but then later explain there are different pronunciations for ending consonants as well as the medial consonants too.

No wonder Korean seems so confusing at the start.

Fortunately, there is a simple answer to how to pronounce the starting and final consonants. That is to learn how to say the names for the Korean consonants.

(The medials are a different kettle of fish, but let's keep things simple by just focusing on and practicing the consonant names today.)

Anyway, most of the single character consonants will form their names using the formula

C+이 으+C

For example to form the word for the consonant ㅁ the formula would produce the word 미음

The only exceptions are for the consonants ㄱ, ㅅ and ㄷ which produce the following words.

ㄱ           기역 (gi yeok)

ㅅ           시옷 (s iot)

ㄷ           디귿 (di geut)

The full list of single syllable consonants are below with most following the formula C+이 으+C:

Korean Single Letter Consonant Names

ㄱ           기역 (gi yeok)

ㄴ           니은 (ni eun)

ㄷ           디귿 (di geut)

ㄹ           리을 (ri eul)

ㅁ           미음 (mi eum)

ㅂ           비읍 (bi eup)

ㅅ           시옷 (s iot)

ㅇ           이응 (i eung)

ㅈ           지읏 (ji eut)

ㅊ           치읓 (chi eut)

ㅋ           키읔 (ki euk)

ㅌ           티읕 (ti eut)

ㅍ           피읖 (pi eup)

ㅎ           히읕 (hi eut)

Korean Double Letter Consonant Names

For the double consonants names, it's just a case of putting the syllable 쌍 (ssang) in front of the single consonant.)

ㄲ           쌍기역 (ssang gi yeok)

ㄸ           쌍디귿 (ssang di geut)

ㅃ           쌍비읍 (ssang bi eub)

ㅆ           쌍시옷 (ssang si ot)

ㅉ           쌍지읒 (ssang ji eut)

To help out, we've created some flash cards which are available below to practice.

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