Our Cause

We are all about design and supporting young graphic designers!

Like many niche stores on the Internet, our apparel is printed in the United States with designs from overseas graphic designers. In our case, our main designer lives in South America and has made graphic design her lifelong passion. Similar to the webtoons artists in the Korean drama "Flower Boys Next Door", her heart and soul goes into every one of her designs. She designed our Finger Heart and Fighting! T-shirts, which are available for purchase at the bottom of this page.

Using overseas designers helps lower our initial costs and allows us to test more designs to see what works. This is very useful and it's something that also benefits our customers. 

However, even though our upfront costs are less, this does not mean that we walk away from people who play an important role in our business. That is why for every t-shirt we sell, we now give at least $1 to our main designer so she can be rewarded for helping us reach our success and continue to invest in her own design business. It is also another way of saying to her "Good Job".

We still print our products in the United States because it means faster delivery and people still like to know that part of the manufacturing happens in their own country. But the world is a changing place and inspiration can come from anywhere in the world.

Indeed, we are a truly international operation. To put it succinctly, we are an Australian owned company, selling Korea drama themed apparel on a Canadian owned web platform, using prints from South American graphic designers that are printed in the United States. The common theme is that each company or person in the supply chain can only succeed by doing their best and making sure that the customer receives value for what they purchase. Can anyone be more international than that?

So, help us reward our graphic designer heroine so she can invest in the tools she needs for success. Click the buttons below to get your t-shirt today so that at least $1 goes directly into her pocket! FIGHTING!