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Seoulmate Star Rewards - Your Backstage Pass

Seoulmate Star Rewards is our rewards program especially designed for members of our KDrama Community.

It's a little bit different to a lot of programs out there and our aim is to make it the world's simplest rewards program.

That said, the methods for earning rewards is similar to most programs, but we've made it much simpler to achieve and use those rewards.

Apparel DiscountsSilverSilver
Star Rewards Required2505001000By Invitation
Total Purchase Amount
Required 2021*
Up to $50Between
$50 to $150
From $150
First Item Discount10%10%15%
Second Item Discount10%15%20%
Third Item Discount15%20%22.5%
Four Plus Items Discount20%20%22.5%

* As the program is new for 2021, we are including purchases from previous years for this year too.

How Do Discounts Work?

These discounts are applied per order. So for example, if someone has a VIPSilver Plus Backstage Pass, that means they will receive a total discount of 10% if they order one item of clothing, a total discount of 15% if they order two items of clothing and a total discount of 20% if they order three or more items of clothing.

(Currently Star Rewards discounts will apply to clothing, mobile phone covers and our pillows.)

Anyway, the important thing is that instead of having to spend your Star Rewards to earn discounts, we give you a Backstage Pass to automatic discounts. Personally, it's what we would want for a rewards program ourselves, so it's something we want to give our customers and community too.

The pass will apply for the entire year, so you can use it as many times as you like. And of course, the more Star Rewards you gain, the bigger your Backstage Pass.

Other Requirement - Login To See Your Discounts

Our Backstage Passes are only available to members of our Seoulmate Star Rewards Program.

This means that in order to see and use the automatic discounts, a store account should be created AND you are logged into the account when you are browsing our online store.

The good news is that you receive your Silver VIP pass just for creating an account.

Silver Plus can be achieved once you have purchased $50 in total for the year, and you'll get your very own Gold Backstage Pass once your total purchases for the year have reached $150.

Do I Need To Redeem Points To Receive Backstage Pass? 

There is no requirement to redeem Star Reward to receive your Backstage Pass. The Backstage Passes are applied automatically to your account when you have earned enough Star Rewards. It will usually take about 15 minutes for the upgrade to be applied.

What If I Don't Want To Create A Store Account? 

That's okay. If you have signed up for our newsletter, we will still send you rewards vouchers based on the amount you have already purchased. That way we can still reward our VIP customers. It's just that we can offer you more rewards if you create a store account.

Taking Your First Step

If you haven't already done so, it's time to take your first step by creating your account with us.

Don't forget to check out our gift store too!

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