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Beginners List Of 100 Popular KDrama Words And Expressions

Beginners List Of 100 Popular KDrama Words And Expressions

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Do you want to improve your Korean listening skills while watching your favorite Korean dramas?

Then you will love our PDF featuring over 100 words and expressions found in Korean dramas.

The list include names for family members, popular expressions including Daebak and Omo and even some phrases for dating.

The list includes: the following words and phrases (but be careful when you use Ahjumma):

  • Older Brother (For Female) 오빠 Oppa
  • Older Sister (For Male) 누나 Nuna
  • Married Or Older Woman 아줌마 Ahjumma
  • Hey! 야! Yah!
  • Let's Go 가자 Gaja
  • Got It/Understood 알았어 Arasseo
  • Fun, Interesting 꿀잼 Kkuljaem
  • Cheesy 닭살 Dalgsal
  • Really? 진짜? Jinjja
  • Aish! 아이씨 Aish!
  • Sigh 아이구 Aigoo
  • What To Do? 어떻해? Eotteokhae?

This carefully curated list of KDrama words and phrases is not available in stores and is available for a limited time only.

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