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Korean Conversation Workshop Level 1 Four Sessions 2022

Korean Conversation Workshop Level 1 Four Sessions 2022

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Do you have a basic Korean vocabulary of 500 to 1,000 words? Then it's time to build on your vocabulary knowledge of Korean grammar. Specifically with four live online workshops.

Our workshops are offered each month and new dates are added according to demand.

    The format for the workshops will be modified depending on student progress and feedback:

    Course Requirements

    Students should have completed:

    • Our Korean Vocabulary Building Workshop Level 3 or have an Vocabulary of 500 to 1,000 Korean words.
    • Completed our Grammar 1 Workshop or have a knowledge of basic Korean grammar including verb tenses and helping verbs.

    The lessons will be taught live via Zoom. No additional materials are required, except for a pen, notebook and a willingness to learn.

    Places are limited, so make sure to book now to secure your space today.

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