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Korean Vocabulary Building Workshop Level 3 Four Sessions 2022

Korean Vocabulary Building Workshop Level 3 Four Sessions 2022

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Do you know the basics of Korean Hangul and want to build your Vocabulary? Then it's time to practice your Hangul while building your Korean vocabulary. Specifically with four live online workshops.

The workshops will be held on the following dates from 8pm to 10:pm EST starting from May 4, 2022.

  • Wednesday, May 4
  • Wednesday, May 11
  • Wednesday, May 18
  • Wednesday, May 25

And for June starting from 10:30pm till 12:30am EST starting from June 5.

  • Sunday, June 5
  • Sunday, June 12
  • Sunday, June 19
  • Sunday, June 26

The purpose of the workshops is to:

  • Reinforce knowledge of Korean Hangul pronunciation rules
  • Improve Korean language listening and speaking skills
  • Build a vocabulary bank that can be used later to better understand Korean grammar
  • Start learning the basics of Korean grammar in bite sized pieces

During the workshops, we will introduce:

  • Vocabulary associated with simple nouns, pronouns, verbs, particles and adjectives
  • Revisit the vocabulary multiple times to build familiarity and to help improve pronunciation
  • Use this vocabulary to build simple sentences based on the informal polite honorific form

The format for the workshops will be modified depending on student progress and feedback:

Course Requirements

Students should have completed our Korean Vocabulary Building Workshop Level 2.

The lessons will be taught live via Zoom. No additional materials are required, except for a pen, notebook and a willingness to learn.

Places are limited, so make sure to book now to secure your space today.

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